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EKİP provides innovative and healthy food products and meals.Our meals are created in a sustainable manner while practicing social cooperative economics with and for women.Eat healthy and create social and environmental impact!


For a good energy boost! Highly recommended after any kind of exercise

Good option for vegetarians looking to keep their diet well balanced


Our tasty and nutritious recipes are developed by chef Shirley Kaston from Maide Kitchen in close collaboration with registered dietitian Zeki Kılıç.

We are engaged with local farmers and producers to promote proximity and seasonal food consumption.

We aim to avoid excessive water & power consumption, minimize transport-led CO2 emissions and reduce waste in general.


Social cooperative economics with and for women

We provide innovative, healthy and affordable food products and meals, produced sustainably while practising social cooperative economics with and for women.

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We want to create a social and environmental impact.
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