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Our healthy meals

A healthy meal can be delicious too!

Let’s discover our delicious recipes with all the nutrients they contain.
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Salad Autumn - Ekip's Project - Healthy Meals


Hearty salads, full of flavour and colour for all tastes and all seasons. Balanced dishes to delight your taste buds.


Tasty, easy-to-digest and nutritious soups to replenish your energy for the whole day. A feast of local and fresh products!

Healthy meals Smoothies - Ekip Projet


Creamy drinks based on fresh fruit and vegetables, mixed with water, milk or yoghurt. Refreshment to bewitch your senses.


– Signature Salads –
Our best sellers that you can eat all through the year

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Salad Energy Boost - Ekip's Project - Healthy Meals

Enerji Tonbala

For a good energy boost! Highly recommended after any kind of exercise.

Salad Broccoli Keto - Ekip's Project - Healthy Meals

Brokoli Keto

To help you with your weight loss goals while keeping your energy levels up.

Salad Lentil Veggie - Ekip's Project - Healthy Meals

Mercimek Vecihi

Good option for vegetarians looking to keep their diet well balanced.

Yok Yağ

Designed to help your body burn fat faster while boosting your immune system.

– Seasonal Salad –
Delicious Summer flavors come to your tables with our new salads

Feel like a taste? Just order directly on WhatsApp!


Feel like a taste? Just order directly on WhatsApp!

Naneli Cacık

Try this Turkish classic with our twist!

İspanyol Gazpacho

Feel like having something light and refreshing?

Güneşli Mercimek

This EKİP seasonal version of lentil soup will nourish your body.

Sebze Sevdası

A great appetizer option that will help you fight bloatedness.


Coming Soon

Healthy meals - Smoothies red

Red Smoothie

Healthy meals Smoothies - Ekip Projet

Green Smoothie

Healthy meals - Smoothies - Ekip Projet - Istanbul

Yellow Smoothie

Healthy meals - Smoothies

White Smoothie