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Çilek Aşkı

Çilek Aşkı

30 TL

Why we like this salad ?

This delicious salad is a super treat for your palate and your body with plenty of protein, vitamins, minerals, iron, fibre and antioxidants. It is a colourful combination of spring flavours that will not only do wonders for your skin, hair, bones and cardiovascular system, but also help you keep your weight in check. We want to stay healthy but also feel good and look good, don’t we?

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Main ingredients

Spinach, cooked black eyed peas, roasted hazelnuts, lor cheese, marinated black olives, herb-marinated chicken breast, strawberries.

Dressing: Balsamic vinaigrette – Extra virgin olive oil, black pepper, salt, balsamic vinegar. (protein 0.1 g, fat 23.3 g, carbohydrate 2.4 g, fibre 0.1 g).

More information

Nutritional information: Protein (38.6 g), fat (20.6 g), carbohydrate  (33 g), fibre (8.6 g)

Calories: 424.4 kcal + 212.2 kcal for 40 ml vinaigrette

Total net weight: 391 g