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Naneli Cacık

Naneli Cacık

12 TL

Why we like this soup?

Why are we offering you this refreshing Turkish classic? Because it promotes hydration, has great benefits for your gut health and is rich in calcium and potassium to keep your bones and muscles strong. Our high-quality recipe has an amazing texture and it goes well in combination with any of our spring/summer season salads, and you can easily take it with you on a picnic in the park or to the beach in a cooler bag! (Suitable for vegetarians)

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Main ingredients

Cucumber, yoghurt, mint, olive oil, salt, water.


More information

Total net weight: 250 g

Nutritional information: Protein (3.4 g), fat (34.5 g), carbohydrate (6.6 g), fibre (0.7 g)

Energy: 342.5 kcal