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Sebze Sevdası

Sebze Sevdası

12 TL

Why we like this soup?

Want something to help you feel lovely and trim as you enjoy more time outdoors in the warmer months? This soup has been designed to fight water retention caused by standing or sitting for too long, hormonal fluctuations and some medications. Also, in warmhot weather the body is less efficient at flushing out fluid. Enjoy this delicious appetizer while keeping your tummy and legs away from that bloatedness. We know that you want to look and feel your best in your new dresses! (Suitable for vegetarians)

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Main ingredients

Courgette, asparagus, bulgur, cream cheese, dill, ginger, water.


More information

Total net weight: 250 g

Nutritional information: Protein (8.3 g), fat (16 g), carbohydrate (16.2 g), fibre (4.3 g)

Energy: 227 kcal