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Information Text Under the Law on Protection of Personal Data

– May 2020 –

This information note has been prepared by Sınırlı Sorumlu Etkin Kadın İş Platformu Küçükçekmece Kadın Girişimi Üretim ve İşletme Kooperatifi (“EKİP”) to inform you about your rights under Article 10 of the Law on Protection of Personal Data N°6698 (“KVKK”). It is regulating the way EKİP is processing your personal data when you are visiting and using its website.

Processing of Personal Data

When you are visiting Ekip’s website, EKİP will, within the scope of the KVKK and relevant legislations record, store, maintain and process the here-below information in order for EKİP to duly provide services in a timely manner, your subscription to EKİP’s newsletter, your benefit from EKİP’s services and carrying out of EKİP’s promotional activities.

The personal data processed by EKİP are your name, surname, e-mail address, address, phone number, and payment information.

To Whom and For What Purpose the Processed Personal Data Can Be Transferred

Your collected personal data may be transferred to legally authorized public institutions and private persons in order to fulfill our legal obligations within the scope of the legislation; It can also be transferred to our business partners for the purpose of reporting, distribution and management of our business operations within the framework of the personal data processing conditions and purposes specified in Article 8 of KVKK.

Method and Legal Grounds for the Processing of Your Personal Data

Your personal data collected in any oral, written or electronic environment, through the membership form, electronic, automated or non-automatic means, provided that it is part of any data recording system, will be processed as per Article 5 of KVKK based on “the legitimate interest of the data controller, provided that it does not harm the fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject”, “the fact that it would be necessary to process personal data belonging to the parties of the contract provided that it is directly related to the establishment or performance of a contract” , “the fact that it would be mandatory for the data controller to fulfill his legal obligations”. In compliance with laws and the principle of good faith, they will be collected, used, recorded, stored and processed within the framework of the principle of proportionality, provided that they are connected and limited to the legitimate purposes stated above.

Rights of Personal Data Owner listed in Article 11 of KVKK

According to Article 11 of KVKK, you are entitled to request the following:

• to learn whether the personal data relating to you are being processed,
if it is processed, to request information with regard to processing,
• to learn purposes of the processing and whether they are used for such purpose or not,
• to know the third persons within or outside the country to whom the personal data are transferred,
• to request correction of the personal data if the data is processed incompletely or inaccurately,
• to request deletion or destruction of the personal data according to Article 7 of KVKK,
• to request notifying third persons to whom the personal data are transferred, if your personal data is corrected, deleted or destructed,
• to object to negative consequences about you that are concluded as a result of analysis of the processed personal data exclusively by automatic means,
• to claim indemnification if you suffered damage due to illegal processing of your personal data.

In this context, you can use your requests regarding your rights mentioned above by applying [email protected] with information and documents to identify you.

EKİP will conclude your request free of charge as soon as possible and within 30 (thirty) days at the latest. In the event that a cost arises due to the fulfillment of your requests, it can only request the fees in the tariff determined by the Personal Data Protection Board.

Version May 2020