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Ready to launch our healthy business!

One year ago, we had this amazing dream of building an healthy business that would give work and sustainable income to 50 women in Istanbul, allowing them to learn new skills but also how to manage the business and grow it.

“We want to prove to everyone it is possible for a group of women to lead their own company successfully, not as a hobby! ”

We started sharing our dreams with Turkish and Syrian women and we saw hope in their eyes: “We want to embark on this journey! We want to prove to everyone it is possible for a group of women to lead their own company successfully, not as a hobby! Let’s go against all the prejudices, obstacles and the challenges and beat the women unemployment statistics.”

We made sure to surround ourselves with awesome people who shared our dreams and we won our first investment from the European Union Funds for Refugees in Turkey (managed by the World Bank).

Fast forward one year later, we have gone through the roller coaster of starting a new company, finding the right people, developing everyone’s skills and talent, registering our cooperative legally, jumping through all the administrative and legal challenges, starting to build our kitchen and here we are!! Exhausted but so proud! We are now almost ready to launch our healthy business.

EKİP Project - Eat healthy - Isatnbul

We have five delicious salads, soon to become seven (and we have another eight salads in our design pipeline this year, plus soups and smoothies…exciting times ahead!) Don’t think salads like side dishes but salads as a full meal giving you ALL the nutrients, the vitamins and the good things to feel awesome through the day. Every recipe has been carefully developed by a team of expert chefs, nutritionists and close to 200 lucky tasters.

We will start selling to offices in Levent, Gayrettepe, and Maslak, so if you are lucky to be working in these areas you are going to be able to boost your health levels effortlessly: delicious food delivered at your doorstep! We will make lunchtime deliveries and it would be great if you would start by making group orders (5-6 salads); maybe this is the perfect opportunity to start a new routine such as a weekly “healthy day”, a weekly EKİP (Etkin Kadin Is Platformu) day.

If you want to stay tuned for details on our launch, our salad menu, how to order, payment methods, etc., follow us on Instagram @etkinkadinisplatformu and join our community by subscribing to our newsletter at (of course you will be able to unsubscribe at any time). You can place your order also from there by clicking on the link and accessing our whats app account with our catalog.

Spread the word to your friends and colleagues, the full team of EKİP hopes to count on you as a client very soon!!