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Şifaköy – Healing Village

Şifaköy is an institution that serves for the wholistic health of the person. It brings together fresh and natural products to the consumer and it hosts the healing activities in a natural environment with plants, seeds and water energy.

In the nature of Şifaköy, there is the art of finding the local and ancestral seeds that will be best for human health and producing them in the cleanest conditions without using any chemicals. We talked to Merve Tüfekçi Emre about slow and balanced agriculture in Şifaköy, where she is the founder and operator. She says “Our lands are very healing, so the name of the place is Şifaköyü.”

Şifaköy’s story begins with Merve Tüfekçi’s efforts in the field of healing and energy since 2014. In 2017, with the production starting at the farm, Şifaköyü takes on an identity that focuses on holistic health.

“By applying various energy methods, personal development, mind reprogramming techniques and touching whatever the discomfort is, I help the people to remove the energy, unwanted emotions and thoughts from their body and mind. I needed a place where I could do this kind of work and make sure that the food they ate is the cleanest in order to contribute to one’s wholistic health. I came across this farm. In 2017 we started to produce in our farm. We collect seeds from local farmers and peasants and buy certified seeds. We replicate these seeds, we take care of them. We are a little, loving team. We also organize trainings in Şifaköy. These can be individual, corporate and social responsibility activities. We also offer certified trainings, my own packages or private individual sessions. Our aim is to make Şifaköy a place where people can come and make workshops.”

There are weekly packages that you can order from Şifaköy. They are all fresh products that the soil gave you at that time. You cannot always find tomatoes in Şifaköy because they produce everything during their season but you always find the most natural and fresh of the everything. Şifaköy’s products are only be sent within Istanbul. Only twenty-four hours after harvesting from the branch, fruits and vegetables reach you.

We enjoyed meeting this beautiful farm as a EKİP and enjoyed harvesting together. While our eyes were saturated with the beauty and freshness of the farm, we had enough to goat cheese, milk and eggs. Since was not easy to satisfy our curiosity, we talked about the details and difficulties of managing a farm and even a healing village.

If you wish to learn mora about Şifaköy;
Şifaköy is open to everyone by appointment. If you want to eat, do activities and spend pleasant time, just contact them in advance. It is also possible to consume their fresh products in a self-catering style. You can become a member of Şifaköy at and buy your beans, cucumbers, cheese, eggs, in short everything you need in the freshest form. Şifaköy’s products can also be found in the Sile Yeryüzü Pazarı. You can also reach them at +90 532 592 74 32 and subscribe to the list. Finally, social media lovers can follow @sifakoyu on Instagram where they will find he most up to date photos of appetizing, fresh produce from the farm at their fingertips.