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“What does not kill you makes you stronger!”

“What does not kill you makes you stronger!”

You probably recognize the famous sentence of Nietzsche. I thought it applied very nicely to EKİP. When we have a business model focusing on office delivery, for sure we are missing you, corporate people, A LOT!! However, we have been using that time to strengthen our processes, our recipes, our infrastructure…and our members, plenty of wonderful women getting more and more independent. If you just have 5 min, do take time to answer our survey.

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Let’s focus on the positive aspects of these last months:

Our new autumn salads are out!! As you may remember, we are DE-LI-CIOUS but also balanced and…SEASONAL. Meaning we have 4 signature salads throughout the year and each season we have 3 different seasonal salads, and now it is the time for the autumn ones: one vegan, one vegetarian one, and another one with meat. See our menu in our website.

If you want to order (we need orders!) you can always send a WhatsApp message to Banu (0539 776 63 22). Banu recently joined our team after a long career in the corporate sector. She was excited to use her skills in a different way and with purpose. Sales are important for us because they are not only bringing us income but are also helping us practice, experiment, learn, and adapt. Speak about us to your friends, family, colleagues, tag us in social media. We really need a lot of visibility and expand our ecosystem. All suggestions are welcome.

You do not need to be at the office to get our salads! We are also delivering to your home address so that your “working from home” gets some colorful and healthy eating alternatives and some diversity! Honestly, we have more and more families enjoying them and even the children are appreciating all the greens. We are still struggling with delivery…All ideas are welcome!

* Check out our last promotion where you get 3 salads 3 soups and 3 small bottles of water for 100 TL including the delivery. You get the opportunity to be the very first ones to taste our new soups and give us feedback

* We are planning some gatherings and learning exchange groups with other women cooperatives and/or groups. We would love to be put in touch with Kagider or Arya Women. Anyone who could help us with that?

After lots of revision, hesitation, and Zoom calls, we finally have the plans for our new kitchen, now we need to start the construction and renovation. We are planning an opening around the summer. Very thrilling for the whole team. If you are in the neighborhood, let us know.

As mentioned before, the kitchen facilities will mainly be used to produce our salads and deliver them. We will also deliver (healthy) lunch meal orders to companies and maybe some breakfast dishes and others in the restaurant. IF you know any companies close to Küçükçekmece that could be interested in salads or lunches, let us know!

In addition, we are thinking about new packaging (due to issues with the labels), we will launch additional products soon such as soups, all the members have been taking additional responsibilities so that they are more involved in the different areas of the project, we have hired our new chef Seyma (although we are still working from Maide with Shirley), and 2 wonderful women (Didem and Nevra) will do a reportage about the strong women of EKİP, etc.

So yes, we are still living under COVID restrictions, our sales are far away from what we had planned 10 months ago…but we’re staying positive, working hard, and making sure that, in the long run, we will be sustainable! What does not kill us, makes us stronger!