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Following an eco-responsible approach with our suppliers

We are working to pioneer a new generation of food products and meals
that satisfy untapped demand for healthy, convenient and innovative
eating in Istanbul.

We are committed to supporting local production, women empowerment, sustainable agriculture and respect for the environment.

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Ekip's project - coop of women - Ekip's project

Suppliers - Local products

Local products

We prioritize local and seasonal products

What we do
EKİP is engaged with local farmers and producers to promote proximity and seasonal consumption.

Our goal
We aim at crafting products using fresh, seasonal ingredients from clean, traceable sources.

Women empowerment

Women for women

What we do
Our project is a female-led, inclusive, sustainable enterprise that follows the principles of social cooperatives.

Our goal
We want to make a difference by running a successful business in a women cooperative that promotes equal rights and work-life balance for all its members.

Suppliers - Women empowerment
Suppliers - Sustainable agriculture

Sustainable agriculture

Committed to sustainable farming

What we do
Our supply chain engages with producers who pursue sustainable agriculture through less pesticide use.

Our Goal
We are determined to prioritize growers that share our philosophy to promote soil health, minimize water use, lower pollution levels and strengthen local communities.

Respect for the environment

An optimized supply chain to preserve resources

What we do
We use production, packaging and distribution solutions that facilitate responsible water & power waste consumption, minimize transport led CO2 and reduce waste in general.

Our goal
We want to foster environmental responsibility from farm to fork as one of the core principles of a sustainable business.

Suppliers - Respect for the environment