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Leziz Yaz

Leziz Yaz

37 TL

Why we like this salad ?

This salad is the ultimate taste of summer! It will delight your palate when the weather is hot while keeping you hydrated and full. It comes packed with amazing nutrients that look after your body on the outside (skin) and the inside (digestive system). Its lean low fat protein content contributes to muscle development and at the same time it supports your weight loss goals.

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Main ingredients

Iceberg lettuce and lollo rosso leaves, avocado, sautéed peach (with extra virgin olive oil), grilled herb-marinated chicken, pan-roasted sunflower seeds, herb mix (parsley, dill, mint).

Dressing : yoghurt ranch dressing – skimmed natural yoghurt, buttermilk, Dijon mustard, lemon juice, fresh chives, dried parsley, dried onion powder, dried garlic powder, salt, ground black pepper. (Protein 3 g, fat 0.5 g, carbohydrate 4.7 g, fibre 0.1 g)

More information

Nutritional information : Protein (33.3 g), fat (22.7 g), carbohydrate (20.8 g), fibre (6.7 g)

Energy : 408.1 kcal + 35.4 kcal for 60 ml salad dressing

Total net weight : 327 g