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Sonbahar Güzeli

Sonbahar Autumn salad

Sonbahar Güzeli

30 TL

Why we like this salad ?

This salad is packed with autumn flavours! It comes with delicious beta-carotene antioxidants such as pumpkin, and beetroot is an excellent source of folic acid, fibre, manganese and potassium for your digestive system, muscles and bones. This is a healthy alternative to the traditional comfort food our bodies crave when the weather turns cold…

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Main ingredients

Shredded brussel sprouts, beetroot cubes, lor cheese, dried figs, roasted pumpkin, walnuts, lollo rosso leaves.

Dressing : Pomegranate vinaigrette – Extra virgin olive oil, lemon, apple vinegar, pomegranate molasses (protein 0.1 g, fat 25.8 g, carbohydrate 4.7 g).

More information

Nutritional information : Protein (10.5 g), fat (12.3 g), carbohydrate (25.6 g), fibre (6.6 g)

Energy : 244 kcal + 239 kcal for 40 ml vinaigrette

Total net weight : 302 g