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Kış Güneşi

Kış Güneşi

30 TL

Why we like this salad ?

For those looking for a healthy vegan meal that brings sunshine into your winter days and tastes amazing, here you have a salad full of colour and combining incredible flavours and textures. Designed to load your body with vegetable-based nutrients, naturally gluten-free, the combination of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibre help reduce inflammation, look after your cardiovascular and digestive systems, and decrease the risk of cancer and insulin resistance. It will keep you full and energetic for the entire day!

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Main ingredients

Iceberg lettuce and lollo rosso leaves, chard, black rice, mung beans, spiralized carrot, raw hazelnuts, raisins, pomegranate.

Dressing : Pomegranate vinaigrette – Extra virgin olive oil, lemon, apple vinegar, pomegranate molasses (protein 0.1 g, fat 25.8 g, carbohydrate 4.7 g)

More information

Nutritional information : protein (30.5 g), fat (12.8 g), carbohydrate (121 g), fiber (21.4 g)

Energy : 685.9 kcal + 239 kcal for 40 ml pomegranate vinaigrette

Total net weight : 380 g