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Şifa Deposu

Şifa Deposu

30 TL

Why we like this salad ?

This delicious vegetarian salad brightens the winter mood and is so well balanced that it has your nutrition covered from every angle. High in potassium, fibre, folate, vitamin C, antioxidants, manganese, calcium, protein and unsaturated fats, this salad is simply great for your body head to toe, helps you fight disease and inflammation and boosts your metabolism. And it comes with an incredibly luxurious and healing dressing you won’t get enough of!

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Main ingredients

Lollo rosso leaves, roasted carrot, green lentils, beetroot, pickled apple, lor cheese, mint, raw pumpkin seeds.

Dressing : Honey ginger mustard vinaigrette – Sunflower oil, mustard, apple vinegar, salt, honey, ginger, water (protein 0.3 g, fat 24.2 g, carbohydrate 5.3 g, fibre 2.3 g).

More information

Nutritional information : protein (16.8 g), fat (9.1 g), carbohydrate (48.7 g), fiber (13.2 g)

Energy : 331.3 kcal + 234 kcal for 40 ml honey ginger mustard vinaigrette

Total net weight : 431 g